Question: How can we get extra energy?

Sri Chinmoy: You can get extra energy from many things, but the easiest way is to get it from the fleeting moment. The mind tells you that there are sixty minutes to the hour. But forget what the mind says. Instead of saying that one hour houses sixty minutes, feel that one minute houses an hour. Think that inside each minute there are many, many hours.

When you go to bed, feel that you are going to take rest for at least ten or twenty hours. Even if you are only getting a half hour's rest, think of it as ten hours. As soon as you think of ten hours, Eternity comes to mind. But if you think that it is now two o'clock in the morning and your alarm will go off at five o'clock or six o'clock, then you are doomed.

A child may think that he does not have the capacity to lift up a heavy weight, but the mother knows that the child has the capacity. She only has to convince the child. Similarly, you have to convince the mind that it has the capacity to embody the amount of rest that the physical needs. You are not fooling the mind, but only illumining it and making it feel how much of the reality it is capable of holding.

If every time you take rest you feel that you will be resting for ten or twelve hours, then immediately the mental pressure will go away. When the pressure goes away from the mind, the mind is relaxed and expanded. Expansion means receptivity. And if receptivity is there, you will not be tired when you get up. Tiredness remains in the body only when our receptivity is very limited. If the receptivity is there, in five minutes you can draw the unlimited energy you need from the cosmos.

So you can get unlimited receptivity by using wisdom instead of ordinary intelligence. Wisdom lets us see the infinite inside the finite. It is very easy to see the finite inside the infinite. But we have to know that the infinite is also inside the finite. Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Ramakrishna and other great spiritual figures all had physical bodies. But inside their bodies was something infinite. Their finite frame held the infinite. Similarly, the ocean is made up of countless drops, but each drop embodies the vast ocean. We cannot separate the drops from the ocean, the finite from the infinite. They are inseparable.