Question: How will your coming here affect the future of Viet Nam?

Sri Chinmoy: To my extreme joy and surprise, it has already affected the future of Viet Nam considerably. After just four days, I have noticed tremendous inner progress in the heart of the Vietnamese. In the outer world I may come across only a few hundred Vietnamese, but each heart has a connecting link with hundreds of other hearts. So on the strength of their inseparable oneness, these hearts work together.

The tremendous progress that has taken place in the heart of Viet Nam I have not only felt but also seen with my own human eyes; I do not have to use my third eye to see it. People criticise the politics of Viet Nam; they say that the Vietnamese are still favouring Communism. I don't know what Communism is, but I do know what God is. And I can say that God's Light is definitely working most powerfully and most successfully here in the soil of Viet Nam. Up until now the Vietnamese people have been unconsciously accepting God's Light. But in a few months they will consciously accept the divine Light that we are now ejecting into the heart and life of Viet Nam.