Question: What ingredients are necessary to transform the body?

Sri Chinmoy: There are quite a few ingredients such as soulfulness, eagerness, enthusiasm and others. These divine ingredients we have, and we do use them from time to time when we feel the supreme necessity of accomplishing something. But if we really want to transform the physical body and the body-consciousness, then indomitable will-power is of supreme necessity. This is an indomitable power that does not believe in any obstructions. This kind of willpower comes from the unconditional Grace of the Absolute Supreme. Divine Grace is the father and mother of the will-power that I am talking about.

The capacity of the physical body is very limited right now. But in the very, very distant future the body's capacity will be unlimited just as the soul's capacity is unlimited. The capacities of the body, vital, mind and heart definitely will all be unlimited — just like the soul's capacity. Then only will God be able to manifest on earth most satisfactorily.