“My Lord, after all, I am a human being.
Once in a while I have to take the side of the human beings as well.”

“My child, take as many times as you want to take their side.
I enjoy both your wild ignorance and your wide wisdom.”

“My Lord, here is my question.
On behalf of my brothers and sisters I am asking You this question.
Why are You so inaccessible?
Why don’t You make it easy for my endless brothers and sisters to realise You?
You know well how hard it is for them to come to You.
Even to think of You is so difficult for them.”

“My child, O humanity’s advocate, since I don’t have any advocate of My own, I have to play the role of My advocate.
My child, I agree with you that it is difficult for your countless brothers and sisters to come up to Me, to My transcendental-Height.
It is difficult for them even to think of Me.
Now you have to agree with Me.
Just because it is difficult for them to come up to Me, I have not come to them?
Have I not entered into their abysmal ignorance?
Where am I now?
I am now in their climbing aspiration.
Where shall I be?
I shall be in their glowing realisation.
And finally where shall I be?
I shall be in their fulfilling manifestation.
And since it is difficult for them to think of Me, I think of them constantly.
O humanity’s advocate, do you agree with Me?”

“O humanity’s Salvation, now I know why I tell that Thou art Great and Thou art Good.”