"My Lord, this morning a friend of mine told me that I am a fool.
That is why I need You.
He is a wise man.
That is why he does not need You."

"What was your answer, what was your reaction, My child?"

"My Lord, I simply kept quiet."

"My child, indeed you are a fool.
Easily you could have told him that I can live without him, too.
Further, you could have said to him, 'Look here, my wise friend, in case you ever need God, you will have to pull my God down alone, an impossible task.
In case God wants to lift you up, I, your friend, God's son, shall push you from below, and God will pull you from above, a task sooner done than said.'

"Now about yourself, My child, why don't you tell your friend and the world that you need Me just because I needed you first, you want to live with Me precisely because I wanted to live with you first."