God in His highest and in His deepest quality is humility. If we ask why God is so great, the immediate answer is that God is great just because He is soulfully humble. God is omniscient and omnipotent, but all His divine qualities are housed in one divine quality of His, and that is His humility. If God had only played the part of the omnipotent God, then we would have made little progress by this time. But He comes to us as a sincere beggar in all humility just to awaken us from our self-chosen sleep.

One who knows the meaning of humility is truly divine. Humility is not a sign of cowardice. Humility does not mean false modesty. Humility is true divinity. It is the inner being that sustains, supports, guides, moulds and shapes us, but it does so with all humility. The inner being sees us through the eyes of constant humility. Very rarely do we see the inner being, but when we do see the inner being, we see it with pride of vanity.

The mother loves her child with affection and compassion. But if the mother goes one step beyond this love and compassion, then she feels in the child the presence of the divine. At that time she is all humility. She feels that it is the greatest honour to feed the child, to run with the child, to bring up the child, for in him she sees and feels God Himself.

It is through humility that we can dive the deepest and climb the highest in our meditation. The easiest way to enter into the universal Consciousness during our day-to-day activities is through humility. When we show humility, we immediately enter into the universal Consciousness, which is all-humility. In humility is oneness, and in oneness is our divine Reality.