We feel that infinity is something beyond our reach when we try to grasp it with our mind. When the mind starts its journey, it feels that one millimetre is Infinity, one centimetre is Infinity, a few inches are Infinity. Then after it makes a little progress, it feels that one metre or a few miles is Infinity. The very function of the mind is to see the truth of Infinity in a limited way. But when we aspire, we see the truth not with the mind but with the soul. The soul not only sees Infinity but also feels Infinity as its very own.

With these two naked eyes we cannot see Infinity. But with our third eye we can see Infinity as easily as we can see a human being right in front of us. When the third eye sees Infinity, it does not see Infinity as something other than itself.

In our spiritual life, we can see Infinity if we feel that Infinity is not something foreign to us. In our inner self, in our heart where God dwells, we can possess Infinity. We belong to Infinity and Infinity belongs to us. In the inner world we are bound to feel Infinity and to grow into Infinity. It is not only possible and practicable, but inevitable.