Before one enters into the spiritual life, one sings or cries,

A sea of peace and joy and light
Beyond my reach I know.
In me the storm-tossed weeping night
Finds room to rage and flow.

An ordinary person feels that a sea of peace is beyond his reach. But this sea of peace is at his command if he enters and continues to practise the spiritual life. The foundation stone of the spiritual life is peace. In the spiritual life we achieve peace only when we knock at God's Door. If we knock at the door of a human being, then we shall never achieve peace. At every moment we have to feel that we can get peace only from God.

The life of peace is the result of a life of our unconditional dedication to the Will of the Supreme. If we do not expect anything from the world, either good or bad, then we will have peace in our entire being.

Peace is man's greatest and highest blessing. Man thinks that he can get everything with prosperity; but if he is wanting in peace, then he is the worst possible beggar. We say "peace of mind," but actually we do not have peace in the mind. By staying in the mind, we can never have even a glimpse of peace. When we want peace, we have to go beyond the realm of the mind. How can we go beyond the mind? It is through our constant aspiration. That aspiration will enable us to collect the mind like a bundle and throw it into the sea of the heart. Then we will see that our mind, vital and physical — our whole existence — will be inundated with inner peace.

God has all divine qualities, but His most cherished divine quality is peace. God's inner wealth and peace can never be separated. In peace we see His satisfaction, we feel His own worth and we realise His ultimate, self-fulfilling and self-manifesting Goal.