Personal God and impersonal God

The personal God and impersonal God are both the same God. The personal God will come to you with a body. You will be able to see His arms, His eyes, His nose and everything. He will be most luminous, infinitely more beautiful than the most beautiful human being on earth. This is God in His personal aspect.

The impersonal aspect of God is His infinite Energy, infinite Light, infinite Power. A man stands in front of you; he is personal. But the moment he shows you his power or his capacity in any form, that aspect is impersonal. The figure that stands in front of you is personal; but the manifestation of his power or capacity is his impersonal aspect. When he houses his capacity, his potentiality, his power, his light, at that time he is personal. But when he expresses his potentiality, this expression is impersonal. God is both personal and impersonal. He has form and He is without form but, at the same time, He transcends both form and formlessness.