There is a great difference between human or moral truth and divine or spiritual truth. When we come out of the animal kingdom we use the moral truth. It is absolutely necessary at this stage of our development. But when we enter into the spiritual life, moral truth is transcended by spiritual truth. Once an individual has attained to moral truth, then he will only have to wait for the inner command, which is truth's real self-expression. At that time, he cannot be bound by moral truth.

If we tell someone a moral truth, then we may create tremendous disorder in the cosmos. Suppose somebody who is being chased by another person with a knife has come to you for protection. You give him shelter because you know that the person who was chasing him wants to kill him. Out of your sincerity or love for truth, if you say that you know where the person is, then the man with the knife will grab him and kill him. Then your moral truth will be responsible for his death. If you say that you know where the person is but will not tell, then there will be a fight. But if you say, "I don't know," then you are exercising your divine wisdom and saving the life of the person. The life of one person is infinitely more valuable than your one utterance of truth. The truth will try to save a life; it wants to save, protect and illumine human life.

When we enter into the spiritual life, we must always listen to what our inner being says. Otherwise, in the name of sincerity we may act most stupidly. Very often we become stupid when we try to become overly sincere. Sincerity is very good, but we have to know that we have to go beyond the so-called moral truth if the inner being commands us. Otherwise, if we stick to our moral principle, then the higher truth will not be able to manifest.

In the field of manifestation we have to be very, very careful with truth. Truth has to be spoken, but we have to know what is beyond the earthly truth. God's Will is infinitely more important than the so-called utterance of truth. If we give the same importance to earthly mundane truth that we give to the eternal Truth, then we will be making a Himalayan mistake.

If we speak truth just for the sake of truth, then we create more disharmony, more frustration and more misery in life. Beyond the so-called earthly truth we have to see God's Vision, the ultimate Vision and ultimate Truth.

There is temporary truth and eternal Truth. The eternal Truth is that God is our Father and Mother and that we are God's children. But here in the field of manifestation, we live in temporary truth. Sometimes we feel that we are God's children and sometimes we feel that we have nothing to do with God. When we feel that we have nothing to do with God, we may act like animals, as if we have no past and no future, as if this is our first and last human incarnation.

In the case of a patient who is dying, the doctor may say, "No, you will live, you will live." Although the doctor knows that in a few minutes' time the patient will die, still he gives the patient encouragement and strength. According to earthly truth, the doctor is telling a lie. But although the doctor may not be conscious of it, his soul is giving the patient an opportunity to fight against death. The patient will say, "I have a chance to live. Let me pray and think of God." Then, God's Grace may descend and he may actually live for another few months or years. If he continues to pray and meditate during this period, then the doctor's lie will have proven to be a real boon.

Let us take another example. Suppose a young boy comes to you and asks for a dollar. You give him the money and he goes to a bar and drinks wine. Now, who is responsible for this? You have played your role, but you did not see this vision of the future. Just because the boy sincerely asked you for a gift, you gave it to him. His sincerity, his truth, you approved or supported with your ignorance. His sincerity is represented here as truth, but you have to go beyond this truth and see what is going to happen ultimately.

So in this world, temporary truth has to be surrendered to the ultimate Truth. The Truth that has more power and more meaning has to be brought down into the temporary truth. Temporary truth has its value; earthly truth has its value. But always we have to go and knock at the Truth which is beyond, which is constantly receiving God's Light.

Sri Chinmoy, Life-tree leaves.First published by Agni Press in 1974.

This is the 157th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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