God in His highest aspect is static and dynamic. In His oneness with the dynamic and static consciousness, we see God's true unity. God's journey started with unity, but when He entered into the world, His unity became multiplicity. In the highest, in the world of Silence, it is all unity. Here on earth, in the world of sound, it is all multiplicity. But unity and multiplicity go together.

The creation started with Existence Consciousness, Bliss — Satchidananda. This triple consciousness, where God is all Unity, is responsible for the entire creation. Below this triple consciousness is what is called the Supermind. The power of the Supermind is not a vital power like the power of Nietzsche's Superman. The Supermind is all luminosity. From here the creation actually started. The Supermind is the highest rung of the ladder of evolution. Here also there is unity. Truth can be seen in the form of unity; Power can be seen in the form of unity; everything can be seen in the garb of unity. The next descending rung is the overmind. Here multiplicity actually starts. In the overmind, unity is scattered.

Then we come down to the intuitive plane or intuition proper. Here we see the unity of Truth, the unity of Light, the unity of Power in a limited measure. Although we use our third eye in the intuitive plane and see everything as a whole, we do not see unity here the way we see unity in Existence-Consciousness-Bliss or in the Supermind.

Then below intuition, below the intuitive plane, is the mind. This mind can be called the calm or quiet mind, the vacant mind, because everything is calm, quiet and vacant. But here real unity is lacking. Truth is there, divinity is there, joy is there, beauty is there; but real unity is missing. Multiplicity reigns.

Then when we come to the vital, there is no unity at all. The vital quite often has aggressive forms of multiplicity.

In the physical we cannot even think of unity. But a day will come when we will have to bring down the highest unity consciously into the gross physical.

There is much truth in the maxim "United we stand, divided we fall." The soul, heart, body, mind and vital must go together. Otherwise, the soul by itself can do nothing, the mind by itself can do nothing, the body by itself can do nothing. All these must go together in order for us to realise God fully and integrally. It is only in their united effort that God the Creator and God the Creation can be realised, revealed and manifested.