Flattery works

One fellow borrowed money from another fellow, and he was not returning it. One day the fellow who lent the money said to the other one, “Please, please, listen to me. I am not asking you for the money back. I have something important to tell you. A few days ago I saw a man exactly like you. It was not a dream! His eyes were as beautiful as yours, and he was as tall, as stout, as strong and as kindhearted as you are. How I wish both of you would meet together one day!”

He was very nicely flattering the fellow who had borrowed the money. He said, “You are so good. You are absolutely so handsome and so powerful. You draw such attention. How I wish in this lifetime I could see both you and this other man together! I know you would become very good friends, excellent friends.”

The other one said, “This fellow is as good as I am? That means I have to see him!”

The first one said, “I tell you, one day I will see him again somewhere, and then I will bring him to you. Both of you will be so happy.”

The man said, “All right, all right! I did not want to give you back your money, but now your flattery is melting me like anything and giving me so much joy.”

Then he returned the money.