Pay for your pride

A villager was going to town riding his horse. On the way, the horse became very restless and absolutely unruly. The villager could not keep the horse under control, so he came down and with great difficulty fastened the horse to a tree.

Then he saw that a policeman was also going to town on his horse. The policeman’s horse was about to pass very near his own horse. He said to the policeman, “Please, please be very careful! My horse is extremely restless. I cannot control him. Please do not come near my horse.”

The policeman cried, “My horse has to be afraid of your horse?” The policeman jumped off his horse and allowed his horse to fight with the villager’s horse. Many people, including lots of young boys and girls, came to watch and enjoy the fight. In spite of being tied up, the villager’s horse killed the policeman’s horse.

The policeman got furious and took the villager to the town chief. The policeman said, “My horse was killed by his horse.”

The man had already warned the policeman, “Please, please do not come near my horse,” but it was beneath the policeman’s dignity to listen. What could the man do?

The judge said to the villager, “Now tell me what happened. How did your horse kill his horse? What happened?”

The villager was so mad and furious. Inwardly he was brooding. He said to himself, “I warned the policeman!” But outwardly he remained absolutely silent.

The judge said, “Idiot! You will be fined since it is all your fault that your horse killed the other horse.”

The villager was getting punishment, but even then he kept quiet. The judge said, “What is wrong with you? You cannot open your mouth and tell me what actually happened? Are you dumb?”

The policeman said, “He is not dumb! He warned me so many times that his horse was very unruly, restless and dangerous, but I took my horse there anyway!”

Then the judge said, “Fine, fine. Now I see that you are the idiot!”

The policeman’s horse was killed, but because of his stupid statement, the judge fined him 100 rupees. He told the judge, “This fellow warned me, but I did not listen.” So the judge said, “Pay for your pride — 100 rupees’ fine!”

Then the judge took the money and gave it to the innocent villager.