God wants everybody to be happy

There were two friends. As always, their friendship was founded on rivalry. One of the friends was rich and one was poor. Their friendship was good on the outer level, but inwardly the poor one was jealous of the rich one. The rich one was also jealous of the poor one because the poor one had many, many good qualities which the rich one did not have. Both of them were jealous of each other.

One day the rich friend wanted to go to the market to buy a horse. The poor one said, “You do not have intelligence! You will not be able to buy a horse. I tell you, when you go there, you will be puzzled, and you will not be able to buy a horse. You do not have a brain! They will give you a useless horse, and you will only waste your money.”

The rich one said, “All right, let me see my fate.”

He went to the market and bought a very, very nice-looking, smart horse. While he was bringing the horse back home, the zamindar saw the horse. The zamindar said, “This is such a beautiful and strong horse. How much did you buy it for?”

The man said, “I bought it for 600 rupees.”

The zamindar exclaimed, “For only 600 rupees you bought this horse? I like him so much! You have to give the horse to me for 1,000 rupees.”

“But I like the horse,” the man said.

“No, I am the zamindar. You have to sell him to me.”

So the man sold the horse to the zamindar for 1,000 rupees and went back home. Then the friend came to his house and said, “You see, I was right! Where is your horse?”

The rich man said, “I could not buy one.”

The friend, “I told you, you idiot, that you should have taken me along when you went to buy the horse!”

The poor friend was so happy because his prediction was right. He thought that the rich friend could not buy a horse because he had no brain. The rich friend remained absolutely silent. Finally, the rich one said, “You are right, you are right.” But he knew that he had made 400 rupees profit. In this way God made both friends happy. The poor one thought that the rich one was an idiot, and therefore he could not buy a horse. The rich one was actually so smart that he got 400 rupees’ profit. The poor one, who was jealous, was so happy that his friend had not succeeded in buying a horse, and the rich one was happy because he had made so much profit. In this way both of them became happy. God wants everybody to be happy.

Sri Chinmoy, Life’s bleeding tears and flying smiles, part 2.First published by Agni Press in 2001.

This is the 1373rd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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