The house alarm

A young man got a job as an assistant to a thief. The young man wanted to learn how to commit theft.

The old thief said, “If you do well, I will give you lots of money and you will become very, very rich. Then you can give up this profession.”

The young man said, “That is what I want. I do not want to commit theft all my life. I want to make some money and then give up stealing.”

The older man said, “That is fine. You can do that.”

The first day the boss said, “Go to this particular house and break in. That family is very, very rich, but be careful! If you find that they are awake, then you have to be extremely careful. Very, very carefully you will go.”

The young thief went to the house. As soon as he entered into the house, the alarm went off, and he was caught and badly thrashed. Then he went back to his boss absolutely miserable. The boss asked, “How did this happen? Did you not hear the alarm?”

The young man said, “Yes, I heard the alarm.”

The boss asked, “Then why did you not run away?”

The young man said, “I thought the alarm was meant to wake them up, and not to catch me! I thought it was an alarm clock. You told me to steal, so I went there to steal. I was sure that the alarm was meant for them, not for me. So I entered into the house and I was caught.”