Who can be admitted into Heaven?

Three men died on the same day. They went to Heaven and they were all waiting for Saint Peter to open the gates to Heaven so that they could enter. One of the men had been a doctor, another an engineer and the third a consultant. Unfortunately, Saint Peter was very, very busy on that day. While they were waiting for him to come, the three men became very anxious. They were worried about what would happen to them if he did not accept them into Heaven.

At long last Saint Peter came. He announced, “Today there are not enough vacancies in Heaven, so I can take only one of you. I cannot admit three new souls today. Whoever is the most important of you three, I will take.”

The doctor immediately said, “Clearly, I am the most important. Why? Everyone knows that God created Adam, and from Adam’s side God removed one rib and thus created Eve. This happened right at the beginning of creation. Adam came into existence directly from God, but through a doctor’s surgical operation on one rib, Eve was created. I am the most important because God depended on medical skill to start His creation.”

The engineer protested, “No, no, not at all! Before Adam and Eve were created, this universe was full of chaos and confusion. First God had to create the earth, and for that God needed an engineer. An engineer created the world. Therefore, I am the most important.”

Now the third one, the consultant, spoke up. He said, “No, no, no! God needed a consultant to decide where and how He would position the earth in the universe. There was so much chaos and confusion, it is true. But before God actually created the earth, He needed the help of a consultant to remove all the chaos and confusion and come up with a good design. So the consultant was the one who was needed most.”

The doctor claimed that he was the most important. The engineer claimed that he was the most important. Then the consultant claimed that he was the most important. Now Saint Peter was in trouble. Since he could not decide whom to choose, he went to God. Saint Peter said to God, “I have three new candidates for Heaven. Kindly tell me whom to choose.”

God said, “Throw them all out! I am telling you how the creation actually took place. Before I created the world, I had the Vision of this creation. But even before this Vision, my omnipotent Will-Power existed. My omnipotent Will-Power existed long before anything else. With this I started. My omnipotent Will-Power was and shall forever remain the most important thing on earth and in Heaven. So throw these three out. Do not allow these liars — the doctor, the engineer and the consultant — to enter into Heaven.”

So none of the three could enter into Heaven.