When God was called as a witness

One day a thief was seen stealing valuables from a house. Three members of the family witnessed the theft. The thief took the valuables and ran away, and the members of the family chased him. Unfortunately, the thief ran so fast that the members of the family could not catch him. Since they knew who he was, they brought the case to the village court. There were many cases before the village judge, but when the thief came before the judge, he was not at all afraid. In fact, he was very confident.

The judge said to him, “You are accused of theft. Have you stolen anything?”

The thief said, “Where is the proof? I do not have anything.” The thief had carefully hidden the stolen things at his place, and nobody could find them. The thief continued, “They are telling lies. I have not been near their house.”

The judge said, “You say they are telling lies. I am telling you that if we find the stolen goods at your place, then for ten years you will be in jail.”

The thief said, “But I have little children at home. They are so young. If I go to jail, who will take care of them?”

The judge said, “If you want to take care of them, go and bring what you have stolen.”

The man replied emphatically, “No, I have not stolen anything.”

The judge said, “You have not stolen anything? Are you saying that these three people are telling lies?”

The man said to the judge, “Your Honour, three people are saying that they observed me while I was stealing. On the word of three people, you are ready to put me in jail? It is a joke! I can easily bring one hundred witnesses who will say that they have not seen me stealing at all.”

The judge asked the three plaintiffs, “What should we do?”

They said, “Your Honour, how could one hundred people have been inside our house on that night to observe him stealing? It is simply impossible.”

The man said, “No, they need not have been inside the house. You say that I was running away with the loot, and you were chasing me. How is it that nobody saw me in the street running away? I can bring hundreds of people from the village who will say that they did not see me running away. If your story were true, would there not have been one person at least to see me while I was running away?”

The man argued so powerfully in his own defense that the judge could not decide the case. The judge felt miserable. He said to the three plaintiffs, “I am so sorry. In one sense, he is right. Nobody saw him running away from your house. So I cannot decide whether he is guilty or not guilty.”

Then the judge continued, “The thief is challenging you to find your stolen property. If you find it, then I will definitely punish him. But he is saying that he has not taken it. You three are witnesses to the crime, but he can bring one hundred witnesses who will say that they have not seen him stealing. What can I do? Let us pray to God, and God will give us illumination. If God comes here in person, then God will show us where the thief has actually kept the stolen things.”

Since God did not appear in court in person, the case was dismissed. God Himself was definitely the prime Witness, but how could He come?

Sri Chinmoy, Life’s bleeding tears and flying smiles, part 5.First published by Agni Press in 2001.

This is the 1378th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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