Question: Why is the mind so difficult to surrender?

Sri Chinmoy: The human mind had made friends with ignorance. It is in collusion with ignorance. You cannot discard the mind altogether just because it is in collusion with ignorance the thief. You cannot cut off your left hand just because it does not function well. The body is an instrument, the vital is an instrument and the mind is also an instrument of God. If I do not perfect all of these instruments I cannot be integrally perfect. God has given me hands, eyes, nose, ears, mind and so forth. If I do not utilise my eyes, then I am depriving God, for God is seeing through my eyes. The mind, too, has to be perfected and utilised divinely.

Before we can utilise the mind divinely, we have to bring it out of ignorance. What is actually happening in our lives is that we feel that the mind is superior to everything. According to our understanding, the person who has a brilliant mind, the mental giant, is a superior being. But we have to know and accept the limitations of the mind. Unless we become aware of its deficiencies, we will not try to correct them. We will continue to feel that the mind is superior to everything, that the mind has not done anything wrong and cannot do anything wrong, that the mind is the boss and we are its obedient servants. Then we will always be at the mercy of the mind. One moment the mind will say this fellow is very nice; the next moment it will say he is an idiot; and the next moment it will say that he is a criminal. The mind constantly contradicts itself, and we must dance on the waves of its ever-changing surface. Only if we feel that our present human mind is imperfection itself will we try to bring perfection into the mind.

How can we surrender our mind to the soul or to our Inner Pilot? First we have to know the limitations of the mind. It cannot take us far. It can only create big holes in the fabric of reality with its doubt and suspicion. Then we fall into these holes and lose our sense of reality. Once we are aware that the mind is not being utilised properly, but that it can be and must be used for God, for the service of the Divine, then we have come one step forward.

The next step is to know what is hidden inside the mind — what capacities, possibilities and potentialities the mind does already embody. The surface of the ocean is all turmoil, but when we observe the bottom of the ocean it is all peace and tranquillity. Similarly, the mind is full of turmoil, tension and obscurity on the surface, but when we go deep inside the mind we find the illumined mind, the intuitive mind, the higher mind and so on. These minds are constantly expanding, enlarging and trying to help the gross physical body to see the Truth, live the Truth and become the Truth, If we know what the mind can do for us when it is used for a divine purpose, then again we have gone one step ahead.

The next step is to surrender the mind. In order to know the secret of the mind's surrender, we have to be sure of the heart's surrender. Very often, after an outburst of emotion we feel that we have given everything to God. This emotional outburst lasts for a few minutes or a day, but it is not the heart's total, absolute surrender. The heart's total, absolute surrender means constant oneness with the object of adoration inside the heart. When the heart has really surrendered to God or to the Guru, the seeker will always feel oneness with the Guru or God in his heart. At that time the heart identifies itself totally with the Master or with the Supreme. Once the heart's surrender is complete, we will feel that the soul has already achieved its total identification with the Absolute inside the heart.

The soul's identification and the heart's identification with the Supreme or with the Guru have infinitely more strength than the mind's sense of separateness. Two are fighting against one, and these two are very powerful. Why? Because they are connected with the Highest. The soul is connected with the Highest and has always been connected with the Highest. And once the heart surrenders unconditionally, it also becomes consciously connected with the Highest. Since two divine powers are already connected with the Highest and have the Source, the Supreme, as their aid, how can they lose to the mind? Naturally the heart and soul will win.

How can you help them to conquer your physical mind so you can offer it to God? You have to feel during your intense meditation that you have nothing and are nothing but the heart. Feel that you do not have a body, you do not have a mind, but you have and you are only the heart. Then feel that you have nothing and you are nothing but the soul. When you can feel that you are only the heart and soul and nothing else, then try to look inside yourself. There you will see an uncontrollable vital, which is not the divine vital but the aggressive vital. Go and stand in front of the vital with your soul and with your heart. The unlit vital will immediately attack the heart and soul. But by attacking these divinely powerful beings which are surcharged with divine Light, the uncontrolled vital will lose all its strength, just as my hand would break and lose all its power if it repeatedly struck a wall with all its force. Then it will have to surrender to the light of the heart and soul.

Also, you will see the unlit physical which is not allowing you to surrender. There again you must go and stand with your soul's light and your heart's light. The gross physical consciousness will also start striking the heart and the soul, and it, too, will lose all its obscure, limited power in this way, and surrender to the heart and soul.

Now the mind also has to be conquered. Where is the mind? We will feel the presence of the mind wherever there is contradiction, limitation, doubt, for this is the play of the mind. Now you will stand in front of the mind with your soul and your heart. The mind, with all its doubt, contradiction, limitation, frustration, anxiety, tension and so on will strike the heart and soul mercilessly. But it, too, will lose all its undivine strength in this way and will have to surrender to the light of the heart and soul. When someone loses a battle, he surrenders, and when he surrenders, he obeys the will of the victor. So when the mind, vital and physical surrender to the soul and heart, the soul and heart will be able to utilise these members of its family for a divine purpose, to fulfil the Divine.

So start with the feeling that you are the soul and the heart. Then confront the vital, the physical and the mind with your divine power of light. All will have to surrender to the light of the soul and the heart, since the soul and the heart are in communion with the Highest Absolute.