Question: Please explain the levels of the mind in relation to surrender?

Sri Chinmoy: We start with the physical mind, which is the lowest mind. In the physical mind it is all obscurity, impurity, imperfection, bondage, ignorance and limitation. A little higher is the intellectual mind, which deals with abstractions and more sophisticated thoughts. Doubt, confusion and contradiction reign here. Next we come to the vacant mind. The essence of formless ideas can be perceived here. But thought cannot enter into existence in this mind. Therefore, it has no opportunity of being assimilated and transformed. Next is the calm mind. It is like an expanse of sea. Wrong thoughts can enter here, but they cannot grow in this calm mind. If bad thoughts enter, they are assimilated into good thoughts and divine will-power. Then comes the higher mind. In the higher mind thoughts are elevating, constructive, subtle and progressive. Next is the inner mind. In the inner mind the knowledge of creative thought and the wisdom of the inner light play together. Then there is the intuitive mind. The intuitive mind is the Vision-mind. From it we get dynamic and creative revelation, but not in the form of thoughts as we know them in the physical and intellectual minds. Then comes the overmind. Here duality starts, multiplicity starts. God is infinite forms in the overmind. Then comes the supermind, where creation starts. There is no multiplicity, no diversity here, but a flow of oneness. Everything in the supermind is one, whole, complete.

These are the aspects of the mind. All these levels of the mind have to surrender to the Will of the Supreme. Unfortunately, they do not surrender together. The gross physical mind cannot be one with the supermind, so they do not make their surrender together. It is not possible. Kindergarten students study according to their capacity, while college and university students study at a much higher level. Each level of mind has to surrender to the Supreme individually. They cannot do it simultaneously because their standard is totally different. But sooner or later all must surrender in order for God-realisation to take place.