Question: What can I do to make my aspiration stronger in the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: The only advice I can give you is this: if the mind is constantly involved in our aspiration, then we will not succeed. Suppose you have two brothers. One brother is sick all the time, and the other is always healthy. If you think of the sick brother all the time, then you will also feel sick. If you go to the hospital four or five times a day, you are bound to feel that you are also sick, even though the doctors may find nothing wrong with you. So if you spend most of your time with your sick brother — that is, the mind — then you will be affected. But if you spend most of your time with your strong brother, your healthy brother — the heart — then you will get strength from him. When you become strong by mixing with him, then you and your heart — the two healthy and strong brothers, can come to help the sick brother.

Always try to mix with those who are stronger than you. It is not that you should neglect or avoid the weak ones, but right now you are not strong enough to help them, and if you associate with them they will rob you of what little strength you have. Once you have gained the strength of the healthy heart, then you can go to the sick mind and make it well and strong.