Question: Is it necessary to analyse what you actually do, or does this create doubt?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us not use the term analysis; let us use the term awareness. Whenever the followers of the Gurdjieff method do something, they always try to draw their attention to their action. When they touch something, they try to be aware that they are touching something. Always they try to be conscious of what they are doing. This does not create any kind of doubt.

You have to know that when you meditate soulfully, you become more aware automatically, without the need for analysing. When you see a mango right in front of you, with your inner vision, automatically its taste will come to the fore. You will not have to feel it, smell it, peel it, cut it and taste it. That process will give you the result step by step. But your spiritual consciousness will offer you the actual essence immediately. If you prefer to get the result step by step, there is nothing wrong in that. Only it will bring the mind to the fore constantly. But the spontaneous consciousness of the heart and soul will give you a better and more fulfilling result.