Question: Do you believe that doubt can be overcome by an individual? If so, how can it be done?

Sri Chinmoy: Doubt can certainly be overcome by any individual, provided he has inner aspiration. There is nothing on earth that cannot be conquered by aspiration. Let us take doubt as our inner enemy, as poison. Right in front of us there is both poison and nectar. It is we who have to make the choice. If we choose nectar, which is Immortality, naturally doubt can be overcome. But instead, we give all importance to doubt, which is nothing but ignorance, and the doubting mind. Every day we doubt ourselves and we doubt others and gradually we come to feel that we can never escape from the meshes of doubt. But it is possible to free ourselves from doubt. It is not only possible and practicable but it is also inevitable, because deep within us is the inner Divinity, and this inner Divinity is trying and crying to come to the fore.

Our physical mind is always in darkness because of its limitations. But if we can focus the physical mind on Truth, Light and our inner Divinity, then each of us has the capacity to conquer doubt. If we are consciously aware of this urge of the inner being to push forward and if we allow it to happen, then doubt is bound to leave us. When the flame of aspiration within us grows into a volcanic fire, all our doubts will be burned to ashes.