Question: How can we get rid of the interpersonal problems related to the ego so we can get along better with others?

Sri Chinmoy: As long as we remain in the mind, we will always have problems of the ego. Only our aspiration can take us beyond the ego, to where our mind becomes quiet and our deeper and higher feelings may come forth. There is no end to the thoughts and measurements that the mind can contrive. But if you wish to get a mango from the mango tree, you need not first count the leaves on the tree and determine how far down the roots go and how much rain the tree has had. You simply pick the mango from the tree and eat it. All the mental figuring in the world will not give you the fruit. You must take it directly.

The mind is an obstacle that keeps us from getting the fruits of fulfilment. We become so involved with the mind, the ego, that we do not know how to get what we want. If a child wants something, he runs to his father for it. He does not stop to question if his father has a Master's degree or if he is qualified to give him what he needs. The child, fortunately, does not use his mind to such an extent. He simply runs to his father, the source, without doubt and without mental hesitation, and gets what he wants.

As long as we remain in the mind we will have problems getting along with other people. The mind gets joy from doubting and suspecting others. It will criticise the entire world and try to make us feel that we are either superior or inferior to everyone. But the heart gets joy from identification. The heart will feel its oneness with all people — their weaknesses and their strengths. So if we can remain in the heart and not in the mind, we will easily be able to get along with others.