Question: How can we understand others better?

Sri Chinmoy: If we want to understand others, we shall fail if we use our mind as the basic means. I am using the mind to express my thoughts, and you are using the mind to express your thoughts. But the very nature of the mind is so limited, its capacity is so limited, that it cannot understand others' thoughts in the way others want them to be understood. Also, we very often cannot express our ideas the way they should be expressed so that others can understand us.

In order to understand others properly we must use our intuitive faculties, our feeling of oneness. We must aspire and pray to God to give us the Mind that He uses. God does not think like we do. He uses Willpower and His all-pervading Consciousness. When we say God's Mind, we mean God's Consciousness. If we pray to God to give us His Consciousness, then we can easily understand others. We do not understand each other because we use our physical mind. God understands us very easily because He is intuitive. There is no other way to understand others properly. If we can use God's Consciousness, automatically we can enter into others and bring out their thoughts, or we can simply become one with them and understand them as we understand ourselves.