Part IV — Higher realms of mind

"The mind is not ignorance, but inside the mind ignorance lives.
The heart is not light, but inside the heart light lives.
The mind identifies itself with ignorance and becomes the ignorance-sea.
The heart identifies itself with light and becomes the light-sky."

Question: Can you explain to me what the difference is between the soul and the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: They are entirely different. The mind is attached to the physical consciousness and is extremely limited. The soul is a divine spark which is always one with Divinity. The mind is impure and unlit. The soul is all light; it can never be impure. When we live in the mind, our mind dominates us. When we live in the soul, it does not impose but only guides us. The mind makes us feel what we are not. The soul makes us feel what we are. The mind stays with us for only one incarnation, but we have the same soul in every incarnation.