Question: Would you please say something about the divine mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Animals have souls and human beings have souls, but the soul of an animal is scarcely comparable to the soul of a human being. Human souls are infinitely more complex and more elevated in terms of evolution. Similarly, the human mind can hardly be compared with the divine mind, although there are points of similarity. When contact with the divine mind is established, such as when a realised spiritual Master answers questions, the error, confusion and ignorance of the human mind can be abolished.

The divine mind is never disturbed by anything. When we are attentive with the physical mind, everything other than what we are concentrating on is a disturbance. The tick of a clock, the noise of traffic, a radio or television playing are all disturbances to the physical mind. But when a person is in the divine mind, all the noises of the world merge with the cosmic Sound or the cosmic Silence, and neither noise nor anything else can be a disturbance. The divine mind is never disturbed by anything, for it is neither limited nor separative. But the physical mind is constantly being disturbed and distracted because its capacity is extremely limited.