Question: When I meditate, I have to concentrate so hard on keeping my mind still that I cannot contact my inner self.

Sri Chinmoy: You do not know it, but you are doing the right thing. Right now, for you the best thing is concentration. When you are trying to make your mind calm and quiet, you are concentrating. If you can concentrate on quieting your mind that is a wonderful thing. When you are successful in chasing away all the thoughts that disturb your mind, sooner or later your inner self will automatically come to the fore and stand right in front of you like the blazing sun clearing away the veil of clouds. Right now, the inner sun is overcast with clouds: thoughts, ideas, doubts, fears and so forth. When you can chase them away, you will see that the inner self is shining bright and radiant right in front of you. Please continue with what you are doing. It is a very good thing, and it will enable you to go farther, higher and deeper. Meditation will automatically be done by your inner being. Only try to concentrate regularly, faithfully and devotedly each day. Your inner self will be most pleased with you, and will give you what you want from God.