Question: Sometimes when I meditate I cannot control my mind. What should I do in such a case?

Sri Chinmoy: Take the mind as a monkey or an unruly child. The very nature of the monkey is to bite you. But you can either pay no attention to it, or if it continues to bother you, threaten and frighten it. But always reject it. As many times as it comes to you, chase it away or deliberately place your conscious awareness on something else. If you allow it to distract you, it will gain strength and continue to torture you.

During your meditation your mind may resist and obstruct you, but you have to feel that you have something superior to the mind, and that is your heart. Try to get help from your heart. If you feel that the help you are getting from the heart is not enough, then go to the highest, that is, to the soul. Feel that you have and are nothing but the soul. Sincerely repeat, "I am the soul, I am the soul." If you can repeat this soulfully for five minutes, the resistance of the physical mind will go away and only the heart and soul will exist for you.