Question: How can I have a heart as vast as Jesus Christ's?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know that there is a great difference between the heart of Jesus Christ and that of an ordinary human being. But the person who is ordinary today, in God's tomorrow can have a heart as vast as Jesus Christ's. Who gave Jesus Christ that vast heart? Who gave Lord Buddha such a vast heart? God did. If God can give Christ and Buddha and Krishna such a vast heart, He can also give you the same kind of heart if He wants to.

One day you feel a vast heart within yourself and you want to become one with the world and show sympathy to the world. But the next day, if you do not have the same feeling, or the same capacity to feel oneness, do not feel sorry. If you do, you will be making a mistake. From this so-called sadness, very soon jealousy will come forward. When you become jealous, you begin cursing yourself and doubting yourself. You say, "What have I done wrong that what I had a few days ago today I no longer have?" Next you begin to think that God is partial. You think, "He did not give me the capacity permanently. He has given this capacity to somebody else now."

But God will not leave anybody unrealised. Everybody has to realise the Highest. It is only a matter of time. You will realise God tomorrow; somebody else may take two hundred years; somebody else may take four hundred years. But if the one that will take four hundred years feels sorry that tomorrow you are going to realise God, his sadness is not going to help him at all. If the fastest runner wins and I feel sad when I observe him, this will not be of any help to me. He has the capacity, so he will win. I do not have the capacity, so I will not win. But if I can appreciate his speed, automatically some of his capacity will enter into me. Through sincere appreciation we gain capacity. So if you see that somebody has a big heart, the heart of a Christ, if you can appreciate and admire him all the time, by your appreciation and identification you automatically enlarge the power and capacity of your own heart.