Question: How can we expand our heart more in order to embrace you and have you constantly with us?

Sri Chinmoy: Since I am your spiritual Master, please feel that the infinite Consciousness is within me. You have entered into the spiritual life and at every moment you are dealing with consciousness. My name, although it was given to me by my parents, actually means 'full of divine consciousness.' Think of my name during the day, and feel that when you think of me you are thinking of one particular thing in your life, and that is consciousness. By 'me' I mean the Supreme in me. When you think of consciousness you are bound to feel expansion, because the very nature of consciousness is to expand. If you think of consciousness, immediately you will feel inside you a vast ocean or a vast sky.

Your question is how you can expand your heart in order to have me with you constantly. If you look at the ocean, you will see a vast expanse of water. Water signifies consciousness. If you look at the sky, you will see an infinite expanse of blue. Blue signifies Infinity. If you can look at the ocean or the sky early in the morning just for a few minutes and feel that your heart and my consciousness have become one there, your heart will definitely expand. Then, whenever you think of me, if you can think of that vastness too, in this way you will achieve your goal.