Question: When I meditate, I sometimes feel a kind of pressure pushing in my mind.

Sri Chinmoy: In your mind, if you feel a kind of pressure, it means that your heart is invoking something which the mind feels is beyond its capacity to receive. The heart invokes, and the mind allows the reality or divinity to descend into the heart to some extent. But when it has not become totally one with the heart, the mind after a while resists the entrance of the higher Light. First try with aspiration to bring everything into the heart from Above. If there is resistance or pressure or pain in the head, all of which are caused by resistance in the mind, just think of the mind as an unruly, undivine, violent, cruel and hostile member of your family, and grab it and pull it into the heart. When you bring the mind to the heart, the divine heart, the soul will keep the mind in the prison cell of love, where there will be all protection.

It is very good from time to time to feel that the mind is inside the heart. A day will come when you will see that there is no mind at all, that it is all an illumined instrument. As the heart is the illumined instrument of God, so also you will find that what you call the mind has become a devoted instrument, an illumined instrument of the Supreme.