Question: When I meditate, I enter into the inner world and if certain good vibrations help me, I see things which materialise in the outer world after a few months. Should I try to transcend this?

Sri Chinmoy: You actually enter into the soul's world and see things which materialise a few months later. No, you don't have to transcend this. There is no necessity. However, you should be aware whether or not you are crying to know these things. If you are meditating with a view to finding out what is going to happen in the future, then you do have to transcend this. If you say during your meditation, "Oh God, tell me what is going to happen to my husband or my son," then it is a mistake. But if you are not curious and if your aim is always to go deep within to have a serious, profound meditation, then I can say that God wants to show you these things for a divine purpose. He wants to show you the future; He wants to give you these experiences. You must not try to transcend these experiences because, in this case, it is God's Will that you are fulfilling and not your own desire.