Question: Sometimes after meditation I touch things and find that they are not solid; they are fluid. They seem to lose their solid state.

Sri Chinmoy: Actually they do not lose their solid state. After your deep meditation, you touch a wall or some other solid object and you feel that it is soft and that you can even bend it. You have to know what has happened to your consciousness at that time. After meditation you are totally relaxed and very peaceful. Your identification with the consciousness of the wall has also become most intense and intimate. Because your own consciousness is soft and yielding, you feel that the wall is also bending. Your own consciousness, in fact, has entered into the solid wall. As your consciousness is very light and relaxed, naturally, anything it touches will get its vibration.

To give you an analogy, when I touch someone from my highest consciousness, that person may not be in his highest consciousness. His mind may be roaming here or there. But if I consciously identify myself with that person, immediately he gets my consciousness even though, one minute before that, he was like a solid wall spiritually. On the strength of my identification with him, that person receives my own divine consciousness. I touch him and give him Peace, Light and Bliss.

So when you have come out of a deep meditation and touch something, you will feel your own consciousness is that solid thing. You will see that the solid object is accepting you, embracing you. It has opened its heart's door to become one with you.