Question: Very frequently when I start my meditation, I feel a vibration as if I were a motor. This vibration starts going up into the head and then my head more or less falls, as though I am falling asleep. Then I try to wake up, and then the vibration starts up again.

Sri Chinmoy: When you are meditating you have to feel that energy is coming from your heart centre right into your mind. And then, when it comes up into your mind, you must feel that you are not falling down or falling into sleep. At that time, your soul's Light is coming forward and touching the mind. The soul is urging and compelling the mind to surrender to the soul's Light. In your case, when the soul enters into the mind and convinces it to surrender to the divine Light, your mind actually does surrender for a short period of time. The mind is convinced of the reality of the Light that the soul has given it. But what happens is that, unfortunately, you bring the mind forward again. That means that you don't want to keep your surrender to the soul's Light constant. First the mind bows to the soul's Light and then, after a few minutes, the mind wants to regain its supremacy. If the surrender were complete, the mind would remain silent in a divine way. And that is what the soul wants for the time being.

Later, when you find that you are getting boundless joy, the soul will tell you to come back to the mind's original plane. But this time, because the soul has been pumping Light, Light, Light into the mind, the mind will be surcharged and flooded with the soul's effulgence. At that time, if the soul tells you to do something or I tell you to do something, immediately your mind will jump to do it. At the present time, the mind does not jump and run at the soul's command, because it sees the higher Light for only ten minutes and for two hours it wants its own limited knowledge. But if you remain in the soul during your meditation as long as your soul wants, then the mind will be surcharged with Light. And after a while the soul will say to the mind: "Now you can go back to your own plane. You are now well-protected, you are now illumined, you are now safe. You are safe because you feel that you are from the divine Light and for the divine Light. You can use the mind divinely whenever you want to."