Question: When I meditate and I force myself to go deep within, something inside me accuses me of trying to reach God for myself and not for God's sake.

Sri Chinmoy: Well, you have to know that that thing inside you is absolutely right. Your soul, your purest soul, will always tell you that if you want to realise God, it has to be to please God and not to please yourself. Of course it is better to want to realise God for your own reasons than not to want to realise God at all. Millions and billions of people are sleeping and snoring spiritually. At least those who want God for themselves are not sleeping. But you have to know that they want to realise God because they feel that God will then give them something to make them happier.

But the real aspirant says, "I don't want happiness, I don't want anything. I only want what God gives me. I love Him wholeheartedly; I want to please Him in His own Way. If He wants to give me all kinds of problems, if that is His Will, then let Him give me millions of problems. But if He wants me to be without problems, so that I can think of Him and meditate on Him all the time, then I shall be equally happy." A real seeker will try to please God in God's own Way.