Question: How can we discipline the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Try to feel that you have no mind at all, but only the soul. If you cannot feel the presence of your soul, you can easily feel the presence of your heart. Let your heart's Light flow through your entire being. When this happens, you can rest assured that you have transcended the intellectual, reasoning mind and entered into the illumined mind.

When Light grows in the heart or comes out of the soul and permeates the entire body, then the mind is automatically disciplined. It you want to discipline the mind by wishful thinking or by force, it is impossible. It is just like trying to straighten the tail of a dog for good. If you can live in the soul or even in the heart, then the Light of the inner existence either transforms the physical mind into a higher region or brings down the all-fulfilling Peace from Above into the gross physical mind. When Peace descends into the mind or the mind ascends into the higher domain of Light, the mind as you know it automatically disappears.