The Master consoles his disciple

This story is about Mridu-di's eggplant. One Saturday she cooked her famous eggplant dish for Sri Aurobindo. She was so happy because her Lord would be eating her food on that day. A few hours later, who knows why or how, somebody informed her that Sri Aurobindo did not even touch her food.

Poor Mridu-di started crying and crying and crying. When Sri Aurobindo heard about her miserable condition, he sent her a message, saying, “Perhaps you forgot to send it today.”

She replied, “How could it be? Definitely I sent the food. I am sure it was not served to you.”

Then Sri Aurobindo sent another message: “Now I realise why I am so hungry! I am so hungry because I could not eat your eggplant. Send it for me once more.”

Although it was not her regular hour for cooking, Mridu-di made her eggplant dish again from the very beginning and sent it for Sri Aurobindo. This time he sent a message that the eggplant was excellent, simply excellent.