Sri Aurobindo and the Mother share a joke

This story is the funniest of all. One day Mridu-di took her food to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother served it to him as usual. Then the Mother looked at Mridu-di seriously. It seems that Mridu-di had done something wrong. Poor Mridu-di could not brook the Mother's stern gaze and so she wanted to touch the Mother's feet to beg for forgiveness.

As I mentioned before, Mridu-di was extremely fat. As she was bending down to put her hands on the Mother's feet, she could not keep her balance, and so she literally fell on top of the Mother's feet.

The Mother immediately screamed, “Police! Police! Police!” Sri Aurobindo started laughing. He knew that the Mother was only joking. She was pretending to call the police to come and protect her from this emotional Bengali lady. But she did not mean it. Both the Mother and Sri Aurobindo had boundless love and compassion for their Mridu.

Mridu-di used to tell this story so often. It was one of her favourites.