You are worse than a ghost

Once Akbar grabbed Birbal and said, "Now let me see how much strength you have. Can you release yourself? Can you escape from my grip?"

Birbal did not struggle or try to force his way out of the Emperor's grip. He simply started repeating, "Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama!"

Akbar cried, "What is this? By repeating 'Rama, Rama, Rama,' do you think that you will be able to release yourself and escape? I am holding you very tightly. 'Rama' will never release you. You fool! Exercise your power to come out of my grip!"

Birbal said, "You know that when one is haunted by a ghost, repeating Rama's name makes the ghost leave the body. It seems that you are worse than a ghost."

Akbar said, "No, no, no! I do not want to be worse than a ghost!" And he immediately released the Minister, who laughed and laughed.