The Emperor gives up grapes

Once one of Aurangzeb's generals fell ill. This general happened to be the Emperor's dear friend. For months the general suffered, and then his case started getting worse and worse. Finally, the Emperor called in a Greek doctor to help the patient. The doctor gave the general some medicine and told him that he should not eat grapes. He said grapes were not good for him and were creating serious physical problems.

The general started arguing with the doctor. He could not understand how abstaining from grapes could improve his condition. Since he was very, very fond of grapes and they were one of his favourite foods, he was reluctant to give them up. But the doctor told him, "I am sorry. You must not eat any more grapes."

The Emperor had faith in the doctor's opinion. Again, he was extremely fond of the general and did not want to see his dear friend suffer unnecessarily. So he made a bargain with the general. He said, "You like grapes and I also like grapes. But if you promise not to eat grapes, I will also make the same promise. Then, when you are cured, you, Allah and I will all eat grapes together. But if anything should happen to you, if you do not survive your illness, then I will never eat grapes again."

The general was deeply moved by the Emperor's love for him and he promised not to eat grapes until he was cured.