Washing the teacher's feet

Aurangzeb's son studied the Koran under a private tutor. In those days, the teachers were worshipped by their students and it was the custom for a student to wash his teacher's feet after he had taken a lesson.

One day, while the Prince was washing his teacher's feet, the Emperor happened to pass by. The Prince became frightened and the teacher also started trembling. How could the Prince wash the feet of an ordinary man?

When the Emperor saw the Prince hesitating, he began to scold the Prince: "My son, I clearly see that you are not washing your teacher's feet with utmost devotion and humility. Stop neglecting your duty and wash your teacher's feet properly!"

The Prince washed his teacher's feet with utmost devotion and Aurangzeb was very happy. The Emperor wanted his son to learn the lesson of humility. Meanwhile, the teacher was trembling the whole time!