Question: Does one get the same joy in sahaja samadhi as in nirvikalpa samadhi?

Sri Chinmoy: One gets higher joy and more illumining joy in sahaja samadhi than in nirvikalpa samadhi. Nirvikalpa samadhi has tremendous intensity in it, although this intensity is not outwardly visible or inwardly felt by the observers. But sahaja samadhi is spontaneous. Here the Master can have sky-vast spontaneous confidence. The intensity is there, but it is so normal and spontaneous that nobody will be able to trace it.

There have been very few people on earth who have been blessed with sahaja samadhi. In their outer activities, they have almost always been misunderstood — not only by the unaspiring world but by the aspiring world too. Even some of their own disciples may not understand them. The disciples see the human in the Master and do not see the Divine which he eternally is and which he is constantly offering to the world in his own way. Sahaja samadhi is not only a spontaneous expression of the divine reality within us, but also a reality that synthesises the Silence-Vision of the Supreme and the Sound-Mission of the Supreme.