Question: In the Indian books it says that the creation is completely destroyed in every world cycle. Is that a myth or is that truth?

Sri Chinmoy: It is a myth. The world cannot be totally destroyed. Our conception of the world is of a particular plot of land. But the world is not a place; it is a plane of consciousness. And total destruction never takes place here. According to our human conception, we may say that the world is destroyed. But it cannot be completely destroyed, because God is constantly changing and increasing everything in the universe. He is transcending and increasing, so how can anything be destroyed?

On the physical plane, a major portion may be destroyed. But total destruction does not take place, because the world is God's creation. Sometimes, when we see a transformation of darkness, if we no longer see the darkness which formerly existed, we feel that there has been destruction. But it is not destruction; it is transformation. We feel that destruction takes place when we don't see something which we saw before. But this very thing may have assumed a different form, a different aspect of life. We cannot say that it is destruction; only God has assumed a new form.