Question: What are ghosts like?

Sri Chinmoy: Ghosts are usually white. If you go to cemeteries, you can see many ghosts there every day. If you go there in the evening, you will hear all kinds of noises. When you see a ghost, sometimes they will give you a slap or kick and then you are finished. They attack mercilessly. Or you may be walking and a branch of a tree which is very high off the ground will come down and give you a slap. Sometimes the ghost will bring the branch to the ground level and tempt you to sit on it, and then let it snap up and throw you. A ghost can also take the form of a most beautiful woman. When I was younger we had a servant. Once he saw a ghost who appeared as a beautiful girl and naturally he went to see her. The ghost gave him a smart kick and for four days he was in the hospital.