Question: Would you explain about how dark forces enter into us and how we open ourselves to them at certain times in our lives, especially when we are about to make a big step spiritually?

Sri Chinmoy: Dark forces enter into us through various holes. One big hole is called doubt. There are other holes: depression, fear, anger. We are like a building and through these holes the dark forces enter into us. When you want to make a big decision in your spiritual life, the dark forces attack you most vehemently. They know that if you are successful in your spiritual life, then you are entering into the sea of eternal joy and you will be blessed constantly with God's Consciousness. You will be dancing in God's Consciousness; you will be totally freed from bondage, ignorance and death. When you are sleeping, when you are weak, nobody bothers you. But the moment you assert yourself, the moment you show that you are something and want to do something for the world, all the blows will land on you. You are crying to create a new harmony, a new divine fulfilment on earth, and that is the time for the wrong forces to attack. If you are successful, then a new world dawns in you and in the entire humanity. So, at that time the hostile forces want to stop you and prevent you from doing the right thing.

Millions and billions of people in the world are not aspiring. They are leading an absolutely ordinary life. But you have been granted the opportunity to cry for God. If you make an effort, then either you will be successful or you will fail. But if you make a sincere effort with your soulful aspiration, then you are bound to succeed. Your success means boundless realisation, infinite wealth. So why should your enemy-that is to say, darkness-allow you to be the richest person in the world? If you remain like a poor beggar, then they won't bother you. But if you want to be the richest king in the inner world, then they will fight you. At that time darkness becomes more alert and consciously tries to prevent you from realising and achieving the highest and the deepest Truth.