Today we shall honour the immortal soul in Asim. Again, who is honouring whom? It is his soul that is giving us the opportunity to think of him, to love him and to become one with him. We are thinking of him, and the Supreme in him is blessing our soul's concern and our soul's oneness with him.

He has gone. Where has he gone? If it is true that he has gone, that he has left us, then it is more true that he lives deep inside us. Look around, you won't see him. But look inside, he is there singing, dancing, playing. I wish to tell the dearest mother, dearest sister, and those of you who are close to him, that if you say that you miss him, you miss him only in the outer world. You can never miss him in the inner world. In the inner world he is more than alive. Each moment his soul is getting an opportunity to think of his next incarnation, his future incarnation. He will come back, his soul will incarnate here in America and we all shall see him. His parents, his sister and the other members of his family will be able to see him and once again they will be able to possess him.

MED 50. These remarks were made after the passing away of a disciple.