Meditation and self-discovery

The highest illumination is Self-discovery. This Self-discovery comes when we feel the need of the highest, deepest and all-transforming Reality in us. The all-transforming Reality is God the Wisdom, God the Compassion, God the Concern. If we go deep, deeper, deepest, to the inmost recesses of our heart we see God the eternal Concern, and in His Concern we see God the infinite Compassion. God’s Compassion and God’s Concern can never be separated.

What is the connecting link between our existence and God’s Existence? The connecting link is our meditation. When we meditate on God we have to feel that this is the only language that we can use in order to speak to God. Then we see to our surprise that God also has the same language. He does not have a different language from ours. He also uses the same language, which is meditation. When we meditate we speak to Him. When He meditates, which He always does, He speaks to us. Meditation is the common language of man and God.

Our illumination starts the day we feel the necessity of constant meditation. Meditation has to be practised not only daily and regularly, but constantly. Inner meditation can take place at every moment. What is this inner meditation? It is the inner sacrifice. When we meditate inwardly, we are trying to sacrifice something. What is that something? It is the imperfection in us, which comes from ignorance. When we are ready to sacrifice our imperfection and ignorance, we feel that our vessel is totally empty. Now it has to be filled again. Ignorance is replaced with knowledge, and imperfection with perfection. By whom? By God.

Here we are all seekers, seekers of the infinite Truth. Here and now let us try to enter into the life of Reality, with our proper understanding of Truth. The Truth tells us: “Start where you are. If you have desire, start with your desire. If you have aspiration, start with your aspiration. But start! Do not wait. The Hour has struck; now it is up to you either to walk, march, run or fly.” God is ready. Now we also have to be ready.

Everything is reciprocal. God gives us, in infinite measure, what we give Him in infinitesimal measure. If we give Him an iota of love, He gives us in infinite measure His infinite Love. Again, when we go deep within we see that God is far above this reciprocal attitude. He does everything unconditionally in us and for us. He knows we are helpless, if not hopeless. He knows that He is the Doer, He is the Action and He is the Fruit thereof. He is the Player, He is the Game, He is the Result. But if we can consciously become one with His universal Will, then we will become a conscious instrument of His. Now we are His possession, but if we can become one with Him we will also grow into the Possessor Himself. This is what we mean by the highest illumination: when Possessor and possession become totally and inseparably one.