Question: Please tell me if I am right. Meditation is the easiest thing in the world when we think of the Supreme with devotion, surrender and pure love.

Sri Chinmoy: You are absolutely right. Meditation is the easiest thing on earth because our inner divinity not only has the capacity to meditate, but practises meditation at every moment. So when you are identified with your inner divinity, you will see that meditation is being constantly done for you. Then meditation is very, very easy. Otherwise, it is most difficult, for during your meditation the mind will think, “I am allowing a stranger to enter into me.” The vital will say, “I am entering into an alien world.” The physical will say, “I am not a fool. I still want to enjoy the world. I don’t need Heaven.” All this happens when you are not identified with your inmost divinity. But if you are identified, you can truthfully and spontaneously say that meditation is the easiest thing in the world because in meditation reality grows and the life of creation flows.