Question: I have tried to meditate on your picture in the morning for about three months, but I don't think that I am even approaching meditation.

Sri Chinmoy: Is my picture frightening you?


Sri Chinmoy: What kind of crime have you committed that you have to be afraid of me? Who is afraid of me? A thief, a hooligan, a jailbird. You are none of those, so why should you be afraid of me? If somebody has done something very wrong, then they may be afraid of me. They will say that I shall expose all their secret inner defects and misdeeds. But, fortunately or unfortunately, here you will not be exposed. On the contrary, my compassion, like a mother, will hide your imperfections.

A spiritual Master is not an X-ray machine. With the X-ray machine, as soon as you stand in front of it, you are totally exposed. Similarly, when you stand in front of me, sooner than at once I can see everything, but I will be the last person to expose you to anybody, or complain about you to the Supreme, saying, “Look what a bad disciple I have.” If I did, the Supreme would certainly say, “Who asked you to take this person?” When I accept someone as my disciple, as I have accepted you, I accept all his imperfections, real or imaginary.

You should never be afraid of me. I am not a tiger; I am not a lion. I am not going to devour anybody. Never! Even if you feel that you are darkness itself and I am the sun, no harm. Anything that the earthly sun shines on immediately is exposed. But the sun which shines within me is the inner sun, which only illumines. This sun can illumine your darkness, but it cannot expose it. If it shines on darkness, it transforms it, it transforms everything into divinity, and then offers this divinity to the world at large. So there is nothing for you to worry about.

Many times disciples, for one reason or another, create millions of imaginary imperfections. Real imperfections disciples do have, everybody has. But they also create imaginary imperfections, because they feel that if they can tell me about lots of imperfections, I will show them more compassion, concern and love. This is all wrong. If you have real imperfections and tell me about them cheerfully because you wish to transform them, at that time I can help you. But when you create imperfections in order to draw more attention and concern, at that time I withdraw, for I know that there is no truth in them.

I have heard many complaints that my transcendental picture is aloof, indifferent or frightening. I do not agree with these opinions, but if you insist that they are true, then please meditate on some other picture of me, even if that particular picture is not of my very highest consciousness or realisation. Any picture of me wearing my dhoti, taken in any Centre, is good for you to meditate on. I am sure in those pictures that my consciousness will be at least one inch higher than my disciples’ consciousness. As long as my consciousness in any picture is one inch higher than yours, you can meditate on that picture with complete confidence. If you feel that my smiling picture inspires you more, please use it. If you feel that in some other picture I am not indifferent, then meditate on that one. I tell my disciples to meditate on my transcendental picture, but if after two or three months you are not successful in this, it means that there is something wrong between you and the picture. Since there are hundreds of other pictures, please select one that will help you in meditation. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to use my transcendental picture.

I am telling all of you, please, please never to be afraid of me. You can be afraid of anything on earth, but don’t be afraid of me or of my transcendental picture. I will never harm you in any way. On the contrary, it is my business to transform your imperfections and mould and shape you into your own divinity.