Question: When you call us up in front of the room to meditate facing the other disciples, what is the best approach for us to take?

Sri Chinmoy: When you meditate in front of the disciples, you have to feel that your spiritual brothers and sisters are being inspired by you and, at the same time, that you are being inspired by them. When you stand and meditate with your utmost devotion, immediately they are inspired by you. And then, when you look at their faces, you get inspiration. You see that while you are helping the disciples, they are also helping you. It is not showing off. You are helping each other, without any competitive spirit. When you have that kind of feeling, that you are inspiring and being inspired, then your meditation will be most successful.

But do not meditate on the disciples. You know that I am behind you. And what do I represent at that time? I represent the heart’s identification. If you can identify your heart with mine, automatically you will have the inspiration to do extremely soulful meditation. You will feel me behind you as the heart. Then feel that I am standing in front of you and facing you, and that I am the sole witness. I am looking like a judge, to see whether you are meditating or not. You have to feel that I am before you as a judge, but behind you as your mother or father — identifying with you, encouraging you and inspiring you. With my soul I become the judge, and with my heart I become one with your aspiration.